Tips to Protect Your Eyes from UV Rays

Over 90% of people know that UV light can damage our skin, but only 10% people know that it can also damage our eyes. That?s why they use sunglasses to protect their eyes. Sunglasses play an important role in protecting our eyes from UV rays.

Let?s talk about the importance of sun glasses. When we walk or go outside from our home or office, our eyes are exposed to UV rays. This exposure results in negative conditions such as cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, pterygium, pinguecula and photokeratitis. That?s why?ICare Doctors of Optometry Surrey?recommend wear sunglasses when you are going outside. No matter what is your age and where you live. There are high chances of eye exposure to young than adults because they spend more time outside than adults.

What types of Sunglasses are best?

When you think about purchasing the new sunglasses, you will find many brands selling the many types of sunglasses. We recommend buy branded sunglasses from a reputable company. Purchasing branded sunglasses ensures you that the product you bought meets with industry standard. We cannot make sure that how much UV protection the sunglasses provide us by seeing the darkness of glasses but branded product ensures that. Because the lenses of sunglass are coated with chemical that protect us from sun?s direct light or UV rays. Over 99% damages from UV rays can be prevented through branded sunglasses.

Not all the sunglasses work same

You have ever seen many optical stores provide cheap sunglasses. But not all the sunglasses work same. Cheap sunglasses don?t provide 100% UV protection that?s why we do not recommend them.

Why Sunglasses?

First of we need to understand that UV rays are not only produced by Sun, they also reflect from ground, sun, fountains, rain, snow and water. Over 80% UV rays can be reflected through snow. That?s why sunglasses are important to prevent the risks of UV rays.

Use Regular Eye Exams

In order to diagnose and risks of UV rays, use routine eye exams. Your eye doctor can only help keep your eyes healthy.

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