Pediatric Eye Exams

Does your child sit very close to the TV? Holding objects too close? Squinting a lot? Or covering one eye when looking at something? They may need glasses. We are experts at pediatric eye-care.
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Parents have a lot to worry about already. Your child's vision should not be one of them. While it is very important for you to get your child?s eyes tested regularly, you can pass that concern over to a trusted eye-care professional like the ICare Optometrists. Vision problems are generally seen in about 5 to 10 percent of preschoolers and 25 percent of school-aged children. The sooner you identify the issue, the better the quality and outcome of the treatment you undertake.


Regular paediatric eye exams are very important for your child?s overall health. Many serious eye diseases and conditions have a better chance of successful recovery when they are diagnosed and treated early. It is recommended that all children should be examined by the age of 6 months, then at the age of 3, and yearly thereafter. If no correctness is required then you should take your school-aged child for an eye exam every two years.


How can we test infants and toddlers that may not be verbal or don?t know their alphabet? Pictures, lights and other child-friendly techniques are used by optometrists so as to make their visit as fun as possible while still ensuring a thorough vision and eye health check. Some serious eye conditions have no warning signs, but some do. Parents who are vigilant to visual struggles of their children give them the best chance of quality vision and get them tested.

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