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At ICare Doctors of Optometry, we measure the level of your vision correction to evaluate the right type of content lenses that will best suit and fit to your eyes. Get glasses and contact lenses that fit properly.
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Whether you wear contact lenses or eyeglasses, we want to make sure that you have the right solution for your particular lifestyle and eye-care needs, and that you can wear them comfortably and safely. If you're new to contacts, perhaps you're struggling with the fit and feel? Or your eyeglasses are not quite fitting in to your lifestyle and activity levels? No problem! Our team works hard to not just get you into glasses, but to fit your lifestyle with the eye-care solution that best fits the way you live.

Contact Lens fitting

If you are using content lenses and feel eye dryness or red & itchy eyes, we recommend stop using those particular contact lenses, consult with us. To evaluate the best contact lenses for your eyes, you need to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed optometrist. Call us (604) 852-0050 today. Our licensed optometrists can help you with the right solution for your eyes.

eyeglass fittings

When you visit us, we will discuss your lifestyle as part of our comprehensive vision exam. Then we match you to the preferred prescription glasses. We help you finding the best solution for your prescription eyeglasses. We provide a wide range of eyeglasses, frames and sunglasses from many popular brands. Contact or visit our optometry clinics in Surrey and Abbotsford.

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