Early detection is key to proper treatment of Amblyopia.
AKA: Lazy Eye
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Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) is an eye disorder which is caused by poor or non vision-development in one eye during infancy and early childhood. If not treated, proper vision can never be developed. For those with Amblyopia, their eyes may appear normal, but their brain is unable to use both eyes together. Poor vision can be prevented, if we detect Amblyopia early and treat it promptly.


Amblyopia occurs when the vision in one eye develops properly, usually in infancy or early childhood, and not in the other and a misalignment of vision is the result. It is often referred to as lazy eye because one eye doesn't work as well as the other. Another cause of Amblyopia is Strabismus. This is an eye condition in which one eye gets an ocular misalignment. An ocular misalignments means one eye turns inward or outward.

Treating amblyopia

At first sign of a child favouring one eye over another, you should schedule a comprehensive eye exam. It can be treated through the use of prescription glasses, therapy and in extreme cases: surgery. At ICare Doctors of Optometry, we have team of well trained and experienced optometrist and ophthalmologists who can help you with paediatric eye exam to detect Amblyopia or other disease. Get in touch today.

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