6 Advantages of Having a Spare Pair of Glasses (or Two) and Where to Buy Them

If you wear prescription eyeglasses, you know how much you rely on those frames and lenses for clear vision. Whether you opt for a top-of-the-line set of frames or go with the most basic style, there are plenty of reasons to invest in an extra pair as well.

Having an extra pair (or two) of prescription eyeglasses around gives you a number of important benefits. Before you place your order to visit your eye doctor, just consider these six benefits of having a spare pair of eyeglasses around.

.   You can change your look any time you wish. An extra pair of eyeglasses means a whole new look, and you will be surprised at the difference a new set of frames can make. Whether you are heading out on the town or just going to work, a new set of eyeglasses can change your outlook on life.

.   An extra pair of glasses gives you extra peace of mind. Whether you have a heavy prescription or just need your glasses for reading, you rely on your prescription lenses for clear vision. Having an extra pair or two gives you peace of mind and eliminates the panic you would otherwise feel if you broke or otherwise damaged your primary pair of glasses.

.   Let your inner movie star out with a stylish set of cool shades. When you add tint to your extra pair of glasses, you get a cool pair of shades you can wear anywhere. From the beach to the car, you will look great sporting your new pair of shades.

.   Having an extra pair is convenient. Convenience is a big deal, and it's one more reason to order an extra pair or two. When you have a couple of spares, you can keep one pair at the office, another in the car and a third at home.

.   Buying a spare pair may not be as expensive as you think. Many traditional eyeglass makers and optometry shops offer two-for-one deals on their designer frames and prescription lenses, and you can find even better deals online. That means having a spare pair may not be as costly as you feared.

.   Ordering is simple when you buy online. Even if you passed on the extra pair when you first bought your glasses, you can make up for lost time by going online. There are a growing number of online eyeglass makers that offer an excellent alternative to the local optometry shop. Just enter your prescription, pick your frames, add your extras and wait for your spare pair to arrive.

If you do not yet have an extra pair of prescription eyeglasses, now is the perfect time to remedy the situation. You rely on your eyeglasses for driving, reading and everyday convenience, so do yourself a favor and buy yourself a backup pair today. Get in touch with they Surrey and Abbotsford eye care specialists today and we'll be happy to help.

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