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Pediatric Eye Exam – Comprehensive Vision Exam for Kids

You as a parent must be really worried about your child’s eye care. It is very important for you to get your child’s eyes tested. Vision problems are generally seen in about 5 to 10 percent of preschoolers and 25 percent of school-aged children’s.

Regular pediatric eye exams are very important for your child’s overall health. Many serious eye diseases and conditions have a better chance of successful recovery when they are diagnosed and treated early. It is recommended that all children should be examined by the age of 6 months, then at the age of 3, and yearly thereafter. If no correctness is required then you should take your school-aged child for an eye exam every two years.

You might be thinking how to test infants and toddlers that may not be verbal or don’t know their alphabet. Pictures, lights and other child friendly ways are used by doctors so as to make their visit as fun as possible while still ensuring a thorough vision and eye health check.

The serious eye issues don’t have a warning sign. There are some signs that need to be watched by parents that may suggest if their children are suffering from an eye issue.

These are as follows:

  • Sitting very close to the TV
  • Holding objects too close
  • Squinting
  • Covering one eye when looking at something
  • Avoiding near activities i.e. reading books
  • Crossed eye(s)
  • Complaints of headaches, blurred vision, or double vision
  • Poor coordination, balance, and depth perception
  • Tilting of the head on a regular basis
  • Has a white pupil
  • Excessive blinking or rubbing of the eyes
  • Losing place while reading
  • Slow reading speed or below average reading comprehension
  • Short attention span or lack of concentration when performing visual tasks

Your child may end up falling behind in school and can be mistakenly diagnosed as learning-disabled. One out of six children is diagnosed with a learning disability which is actually because of a vision problem that can be corrected.

In Surrey and Abbotsford, our licensed optometrists will not only determine your prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses during a complete eye exam, but will also check your eyes for common eye diseases. We will also assess your eyes, as how they work together as a team and evaluate your eyes as an indicator of your overall health.

If you are above 40, it’s a good idea to have your eyes examined by our eye doctors every two years to check for common age-related eye problems such as presbyopia, cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. We generally recommend patients of age 19 to 64 years to go for a regular eye exam every two years.

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