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Evaluation and Fitting of Contact Lenses

Most people prefer wearing content lenses instead of wearing specs. And they are able to wear them comfortably and safely. It is hard for new wearers to find out the right contact lenses for them. At ICare Doctors of Optometry, we measure the level of your vision correction to evaluate the right type of content lenses that will best suit and fit to your eyes. We ensure you an accurate contact lenses fitting without any eye or vision problem.

If you are using content lenses and feel eye dryness or red & itchy eyes, we recommend stop using that contact lenses, consult with us. To evaluate the best contact lenses for your eyes, you need to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed optometrist. Call us (604) 852-0050 today. Our licensed optometrist help you with a right solution for your eyes.

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