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9 Vision Health Care Tips Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You

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Well, we often visit nearest eye clinics to keep maintained good eyes health. Keep checking your eye health condition is one of the most important factors in eye maintenance. Whenever we visit to our vision health doctors they recommend some valuable tips but some of them forget about advising the patients due to heavy rush on clinics or bunk of appointments. But, you don’t worry, we at Icare Doctors of Optometry, are sharing best tips and advises through blogs and articles that you and your family may need. We think that it is our job to educate you about the eyes diseases and disorders so that you may prevent them in future.

Here are 9 most important tips that your doctors isn’t telling you:

  1. Eat Leafy and Green Vegetables on daily basis:
  2. Protect your eyes from UV rays
  3. Use Polarized sunglasses
  4. Use Eye Drops
  5. Take regular vision exams
  6. Use antibiotic when pink eye occur
  7. Use Proper Light While Reading and Starring
  8. Clean Eyeglasses with Proper Cloth
  9. Stop Smoking

By reading these titles, you may get idea what we are trying to say. Let us clear each and every thing. First point, we are talking about having a healthy diet. A healthy diet may include eggs, fish, and milk products, green and leafy vegetables such as carrots, spinach and kale.

Second: We should protect our eyes from sun’s ultra violet rays. The UV rays are not only dangerous for our skin. It is also harmful for our eyes.

Third: Use polarized sunglasses to reduce glare while starring at computer screens, lcds, televisions and smart phones.

Fourth: Use eye drops to reduce stress on eyes. But remember the eye drops should not painful.

Fifth: Keep examined your eyes on regular basis. It helps in diagnosis the symptoms of serious eye diseases and disorders.

Sixth: Pink eye is one of the most common eye diseases that occur due to bacteria. It can be viral and long term vision issue. Use antibiotic to prevent the pink eye infection.

Seventh: Use proper light while reading and starring at computer screen. If the light is too high or dim, it can cause decreased vision.

Eighth: We ever see people clearing their eyeglasses with whatever they have in their hands. We recommend use proper cloth to clear eyeglasses

Ninth: Smoking is one of the serious matters that most of smokers ignore. But, it makes negative effect for vision. So try to stop smoking.

So, above are the tips, you should implement in your lifestyle and improve your vision.

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